“3.87 / Trevirgolaottantasette”

1:1,85 / 35mm col. – short film
Dir: Valerio Mastandrea
starring: Elio Germano, Marco Giallini, Jasmine Trinca
Prod. MINOLLO, 2005


Andrea is 25 years old and has just bought a beautiful motorbike by which he reaches the construction site he works in, speeding dangerously through Rome’s traffic. He runs the risk of knocking down a woman and only by braking suddenly he avoids killing her.
His older colleagues are already in the construction site and they start making fun of him in a friendly manner because he is still tense and pale for fear, so endless and amused puns are made on his deathly paleness. Now Andrea is on his scaffolding, he’s working hard, but without the necessary precautionary measures. In a moment of absentmindedness, he lays his hand on a loose iron bar and the iron bar falls down , Andrea looks at it amazed…
A notice at the end of the film explains the title:3,87 is the average number of people in Italy who die while at work,1400 in 2004.


Nastro d’argento best italian short film 2005