Cosmonauta manif


1:1,85 / 35mm col.
dir: Susanna Nicchiarelli
screenplay: Teresa Ciabatti and Susanna Nicchiarelli
starring: Miriana Raschillà, Claudia Pandolfi, Sergio Rubini
prod. FANDANGO film with Rai Cinema, 2009


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In the early sixties Arturo and Luciana, brother and sister and die-hard passionate communists, follow the progress of the space race together, urging on the Soviet cosmonauts. However as they grow up, the relationship between the two gets a little complicated: Luciana, an aggressive, unconventional adolescent, starts going out with boys and is ashamed of her odd brother, who shows no signs of growing up, possibly because of his epilepsy.

66°Venice Film Festival – Controcampo italiano


Best Film, Controcampo italiano – 66°Venice Film Festival
Production link: Fandango