Io Sono Con Te

“Io sono con te”

(I am with you)

1:2,35 / 35mm col.
dir: Guido Chiesa
screenplay: Nicoletta Micheli, Guido Chiesa,Filippo Kalomenidis
starring: Nadia Khlifi, Rabeb Srairi, Mustapha Bensiti, Mohamed Idoudi, Carlo Cecchi, Giorgio Colangeli, Fabrizio Gifuni
prod. Magda Film, Colorado Film and Rai Cinema, 2010

The story of a young woman who lived in Galilee two thousand years ago, Mary of Nazareth, thanks to whom, with the birth of her son Jesus, a new era in the history of mankind was born. The questions the film raises are just as pertinent today; framed from an exquisitely female perspective, they concern birth, growth, childrearing, women’s role in society, and the meaning of the word “love”.
International Rome Film Festival 2010
In Competition

Production link: Magda FilmColorado film