“L’orizzonte degli eventi”

1:2.35 / 35mm col.
dir: Daniele Vicari
screenplay: Antonio Leotti, Laura Paolucci, Daniele Vicari,
starring: Valerio Mastandrea, Gwenaelle Simon
prod. FANDANGO film and Medusa film, 2005



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Max, a young researcher, works in an atomic physics lab. Ambitious and intelligent, he is eager to achieve his high status within the scientific community through an important project. Therefore he clashes with his working team and is thrown out of the lab. He begins to suffer from a deep identity crisis and ends up back in touch with the outside world, harsh and hostile as stone. Max loses everything, his reaction is violent and dramatic, and suddenly he finds himself catapulted on top of the mountain where nature is still rough and harsh. The encounter with Bajram, a young Albanian shepherd, finally forces him to take a good look in the mirror.

“Semaine de la critique” Cannes 2005

Production link: Fandango