“La mia classe”

Dir: Daniele Gaglianone
screenplay: Gino Clemente Daniele Gaglianone, Claudia Russo
starring: Valerio Mastandrea
prod. Axelotil Film, Kimerafilm, Relief with Rai Cinema

Set in the multi-ethnic district of Pigneto in Rome, is the collective history of a class of immigrants and foreigners who are learning Italian. It is a story that is made up of individual stories of the students and the teacher: a true story that develops between school walls unconventional. A true story? Certainly for the voices and memories of the boys who sit on the benches, otherwise true for the actor Mastandrea who plays the role of their teacher, otherwise true to the director and the crew coming in and out of the scene in an intersection of real experiences and search for truth in fiction that turns out to be the authentic narrative core of this story. More real than reality.

70° Biennale del cinema di Venezia – Venice Days