1:2/ RED camera – 35mm col.
dir: Daniele Gaglianone
screenplay: Daniele Gaglianone
starring: Pietro Casella, Francesco Lattarulo, Fabrizio Nicastro
prod. Gianluca Arcopinto, Babydoc Film 2009

Pietro lives in an anonymous suburb. He earns a bit of cash distributing fliers in the street. His home is the old, now dilapidated apartment left him by his parents. His entire family is comprised of his brother, Francesco, who shares the apartment. Their relationship is fraught: Francesco is a drug addict, with unbreakable ties to his pusher “friend” NikiNiki and his group of cronies. The only way in which Pietro seems able to keep in touch with his brother is by playing along with the role of retarded clown with which he’s been saddled by the band of buddies. Every day Pietro has to put up with the insults of his brother and his friends, as well as with harassment at work from his violent, shady employer. Something seems to be changing when he meets a girl at work, but it doesn’t last. Pietro introduces the girl during yet another of the same old evenings, and things immediately turn sour. For Pietro, this will be the last straw.

63° Festival del Film Locarno – Concorso

Giuria dei giovani prize – Festival di Locarno 2010

Link produzione: Babydoc Film