1:2,35 / 35mm col.
dir: Daniele Gaglianone
screenplay: Daniele Gaglianone, Giaime Alonge, Alessandro Scippa, from the novel by Stefano Massaron (ed. Stile Libero – Einaudi)
starring: Filippo Timi, Stefano Accorsi, Valerio Mastrandrea, Valeria Solarino
prod.Fandango, Zaroff Film and Rai Cinema, 2011

The film recounts the hard pre-teens of a “gang” of children,immigrants in the desolate southern suburb of a large northern city. In no man’s land between city and countryside, a large store – huge “monster” of rusty scrap metal – is the place of play and adventure. Suddenly another monster bursts, this time in flesh and bones. Two girls are raped and murdered, and suddenly everything changes: the gang of children will have to face the monster on its own …


68° Mostra del cinema di Venezia 2011
Giornate degli Autori

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