i Nostri anni1

“I nostri anni”

(The years of our life)
1:1,78 / 35mm b.w.
dir: Daniele Gaglianone
screenplay: Giaime Alonge, Daniele Gaglianone
starring: Virgilio Biei
Prod. Axelotil, Pablo and Tele+, 2000


Alberto and Natalino are two old men who were partisan fighters in Piedmont during the war. Silurino was another fighter, but he fell victim to the black brigades.
Natalino lives alone in the mountains, in an old uninhabited village, but Alberto, a widower, spends the summer in a boarding house, where he makes friends with Umberto, an old man confined to a wheelchair.
Slowly but surely, all the old memories return to the surface in all their dramatic intensity…

“Quinzaine des realizateurs” Cannes 2001
18°Torino Film Festival Competition


Sacher d’oro best first feature film