“Via Castellana Bandiera”

dir: Emma Dante
screenplay:Giorgio Vasta, Licia Eminenti, Emma Dante
Based on the novel by Emma Dante

starring: Emma Dante, Alba Rohrwacher, Elena Cotta, Dario Casarolo, Carmine Maringola, Elisa Parrinello, Giuseppe Tantillo, Sandro Maria Campagna, Renato Malfatti

prod. Vivo Film, OffSide, Ventura Film, Wildside Media; in collaborazione con Rai Cinema, RSI Televisione Svizzera, SRG SSR idée suisse, Cofinova 9, Cinecittà Luce

Sunday afternoon. The south wind blows mercilessly on Palermo when two women, Rosa and Clara, who came to celebrate the wedding of a friend, get lost in the streets of the city and end up in a sort of gut: Via Castellana Flag. At the same time, another car driven by Samira, which accumulates inside the family Calafiore, comes in the opposite direction and penetrates in the same way. Neither Rosa at the wheel of his Multipla, nor Samira, and stubborn old woman behind the wheel of his point, intend to give way to one another. Locked inside their cars, two women face off in a duel dumb that is consumed in the intimate violence of looks. A duel all-female punctuated by a refusal to eat, drink and sleep; most stubborn sun of Palermo and more stubborn ferocity of the men around them. Because, as in every duel, is a matter of life or death …

70° Biennale del cinema di Venezia – Competition


70° Biennale del cinema di Venezia
COPPA VOLPI ad Elena Cotta, best leading actress.
Award LINA MANGIACAPRE (ex Premio Elvira Notari).
Award SoundTrack Stars per la BEST ORIGINAL SCORE with a special mention to the Mancuso Brothers.
Award PASINETTI for best female actresses Elena Cotta and Alba Rohrwacher.

Link ufficiale: Via Castellana Bandiera