“Lavorare con lentezza”

(Working Slowly, Radio Alice)
1:1,66/35 mm. col.
dir: Guido Chiesa
screenplay: Guido Chiesa, Wu Ming
starring: Valerio Mastandrea,Claudia Pandolfi, Tommaso Ramenghi
Prod. FANDANGO film Les Films des Tournelles, Roissy Films, Medusa Film, 2004


Bologna, 1976. Radio Alice is the student movement radio. An unknown universe to the ‘peace officers’ and ‘respectable citizens’, but also to the most young people who live in the suburbs; like in the southern suburb of Safagna. Two boys, Sgualo and Pelo, only dream of escaping their daily lives. They go to a local bar and in order to cope with an eternal lack of money, do some small jobs for a local delinquent, but this time he asks them to climb through an underground tunnel in the city centre. The objective: Bank Piazza Minghetti. Despite some doubts, the two accept the task, although it proves a tiring one. In order to brighten up their long nights of work, they listen to Radio Alice.

61° Venice Film Festival – Competition


Mastroianni Award ‘best actor’

Production link: Fandango