La Nave Dolce

dir: Daniele Vicari
writers: Antonella Gaeta, Daniele Vicari (da un’idea di Gigi De Luca, Silvio Maselli, Ilir Butka)

screenplay: Antonella Gaeta, Benni Atria, Daniele Vicari

starring: Eva Karafili, Agron Suma, Hamir Milaqi, Kledi Kaliu, Robert Budina, Eduart Cota, Ali Margjeka

prod: Indigo Film, Apulia Film Commission, Ska-ndal Production

On August 8, 1991 an albanian ship, loaded with twenty thousand people arrived in the port of Bari The ship is called Vlora.
A closer look at who looks like a teeming anthill, a mass of indistinct bodies clinging to each other.
The docking operations are difficult, someone gets thrown into the sea to swim to the mainland, many shouting in chorus “Italy, Italy” making the victory sign with his fingers.
On 7 August 1991, the ship, returning from Cuba, arrives at the port of Durres, in the hold ten thousand tons of sugar.
Unloading was running when a huge crowd of thousands of people suddenly assails the merchant, forcing the captain Halim Malaqi to head to Italy.
Twenty-one years have passed since that day.
Most of those who boarded the ship, laden with sugar, were sent back to Albania but landings continued and someone even tried the crossing.

Today they live in Italy four and a half million foreigners.


69° Mostra del cinema di Venezia 2012

Pasinetti award

3.87 / Trevirgolaottantasette


“3.87 / Trevirgolaottantasette”

1:1,85 / 35mm col. – short film
Dir: Valerio Mastandrea
starring: Elio Germano, Marco Giallini, Jasmine Trinca
Prod. MINOLLO, 2005


Andrea is 25 years old and has just bought a beautiful motorbike by which he reaches the construction site he works in, speeding dangerously through Rome’s traffic. He runs the risk of knocking down a woman and only by braking suddenly he avoids killing her.
His older colleagues are already in the construction site and they start making fun of him in a friendly manner because he is still tense and pale for fear, so endless and amused puns are made on his deathly paleness. Now Andrea is on his scaffolding, he’s working hard, but without the necessary precautionary measures. In a moment of absentmindedness, he lays his hand on a loose iron bar and the iron bar falls down , Andrea looks at it amazed…
A notice at the end of the film explains the title:3,87 is the average number of people in Italy who die while at work,1400 in 2004.


Nastro d’argento best italian short film 2005


Benvenuto in S.Salvario


“Benvenuto in S.Salvario”

(Welcome in San Salvario)

1:1,78 / 35mm col. – short film
Dir: Enrico Verra
Prod. Dune, 1998

Luca is a young photographer who lives in Torino.
His photos are of great value, but too personal to have a commercial outlet.
As he is short of money, he looks for and find accommodation in the San Salvario neighbourhood, where most of the immigrants from Africa are concentrated.
There he becomes the portraitist of people living in the area : they ask him for “false” portraits , in which they appear to be happy and wealthy, to send back to Africa….

Short Film Festival Clermont Ferrand 1999 – Competition




My country


“Il mio paese”

(My country)

1:1,85 \ 35 mm. col. – documentary
Dir: Daniele Vicari ,
Prod. VIVOfilm with Rai Cinema and C.G.L., 2006


Between 1959 and 1960 one of the greatest documentary-makers in the history of cinema, Joris Ivens, made – commissioned by Enrico Mattei, president of Eni – a film with an emblematic title: Italy is Not a Poor Country. Through a long trip, starting from the North just reborn from the ruins of the second world conflict, to the South still rural, Ivens told the effort of the industrialization of a country on the eve of the economical boom.
What is left today of that dream?
Between 2005 and 2006 Daniel Vicari travelled again throughout Italy in the opposite direction in order to tell the current situation marked by the national economical crisis and the consequent loss of international competitivity.
A documentary film where the images of Ivens are a constant reference, a thematic and narrative suggestion, where the discovery of an industrial and post-industrial Italian landscape with great visual impact is grafted. The country is seen today as compared with forty five years ago, together with a picture of a unique historical moment and a page of great cinema.

63° Venice Film Festival – Orizzonti specials events


David di Donatello best italian documentary film 2007

Production link: Vivofilm

Primo Levi’s journey



(Primo Levi’s journey)
1:2.35 / 35mm col. – documentary
Dir: Davide Ferrario
writers: Davide Ferrario and Marco Belpoliti,
Prod. ROSSOFUOCO with Rai Cinema, 2006


On January 27th, 1945, Primo Levi, author of the world-famous If This Is a Man, was liberated from the Auschwitz concentration camp. It took him ten months, dozens of detours, many delays and thousands of miles to get back to his home in Torino. In the course of his trip he crossed Poland, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Rumania, Hungary, Slovakia, Austria, Germany and finally arrived in Italy. He told the story of his adventures, meetings and observations in another very famous book, La Tregua (“The Truce”).
Sixty years later, director Davide Ferrario and writer Marco Belpoliti follow the same itinerary through contemporary, post-communist Europe.

1° Festa del cinema di Roma 2006
06 Toronto international Film Festival Real to reel

Production link: Rossofuoco



“BULGARI pelle”

1:1,66 / 16mm col. – corporate film
Dir: Riccardo Rinetti
Prod. DUNE, 1998


A corporate film presenting Bulgari’s 1999 handbag collection.

Filmselezione 1998 best cinematography

No man’s land


“No man’s land”

1:1,66 / 16mm col. – documentary
Dir: Enrico Verra
starring: Morten Aass, Leonardo Bizzarro, John Falkiner, Giorgio Daidola, Manolo
Prod. Shooting, 1997


From Michel Parmentier’s book, “Skiing on the Mediterranean sea”, five travel and adventure lovers cross the Libanese highlands on skiis travelling from south to north toward the borders with Syria. Manolo, Daidola, Haas, Bizzarro, Falkiner and their skiis as an instrument of travel through a country where war prevents dreaming.


Polartec Performance Challenge